One day after Texans player J.J. Watt was injured and helped off the field, fans are showing support for #99.

“We all love you J.J., please get well soon,” said Taylor Krosby who has much respect for the NFL football player who stepped up just days after Harvey flooded much of Houston. “Yeah, we me personally being affected by the flood, his foundation that he did was amazing,” said Krosby. “Yeah, just seeing him injured after all the awesome things he did for Houston, it was sad.”

“I want him to know everybody in Houston cares about him,” said Johnathan Coronado as he wrote a personal message to Watt on a white banner. “And no matter if he’s playing or not, we’re all J.J. Watt fans,” said Coronado. “We all love you J.J., don’t worry and heal up.”

KHOU11 asked Watt supporters to write messages to the Texans player. The goal is to get the Texas-sized ‘Get Well Soon’ card to the injured Watt.

“He is Houston. And he is so supportive of the community and the fact that the community wants to reach out to him, it’s just we love him and we think he’s awesome and it’s just great to be able to do this,” said Greg Dorth. “I just said, praying for a speedy recovery. Best wishes.”