From one Bill to another, the feeling is mutual.

As the Houston Texans began training camp heading into week 2, Texans head coach Bill O’Brien began preparing his gameplan against his former team as the New England Patriots arrived in West Virginia.

A former assistant coach and offensive coordinator for the Patriots from 2007-2011, O’Brien looks to finally best his former head coach Bill Belichick Saturday night down in NRG Stadium.

Still, the former staff member had nothing but praise to his former mentor.

“Bill’s (Belichick) has been a great friend of mine and mentor and I owe alot to Bill," O’Brien said following Tuesday’s practice. “They have an excellent football team and I appreciate those words.”

During the pairs time together in New England, the Patriots went 55-16 along with two Super Bowl appearances. Belichick has praised O’Brien’s coaching skills in the past and believes he has the Texans heading in the right direction for the future.

Since his arrival in Houston in 2014, Belichick holds a 3-0 record over his former offensive coordinator, including a divisional playoff win last season. O’Brien certainly is ready to prove his mentor right by pulling out a victory this upcoming weekend.

“When you learn from the best, you certainly learn some things and I did,” O’Brien said. “In the end though, you have to go out and be yourself, hire your own staff and try to fuel the best competitive team you can.”

The Texans will face the defending Super Bowl Champions this Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. on NRG Stadium.