HOUSTON - Fans were turned away from Super Bowl LIVE in downtown Houston after the event reached capacity Saturday evening.

Officials began turning away fans around 7 p.m. and said the event will reopen on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Those that were able to get in earlier said it was so crowded, it was difficult to make it to the food trucks nearby.

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Others fans said they were excited about the much-anticipated line-up for the free festival.

Legendary band, ZZ Top, headlined the concert at the event, playing after The Suffers and Gary Clark Jr.

Organizers have not yet revealed the number of people present at Super Bowl LIVE on Saturday. We're told around 125,000 people showed up on Thursday and 135,000 on Friday.

For the 9-day total, organizers said they expect about a million people.