HOUSTON - Going to Super Bowl LI festivities? How about taking a trip to Mars while you’re there?

The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee unveiled Future Flight on Wednesday. The committee is advertising the ride as its “WOW” factor for the 2017 Super Bowl LIVE fan festival.

“The Host Committee has declared Super Bowl LI as the Super Bowl of the future in the City of the Future,” said Sallie Sargent, president and CEO of the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee. “Nothing says future more than deep space travel.

Future Flight features a 90-foot drop from above Discovery Green with riders wearing virtual reality goggles.

The ride takes guests on an excursion through space to the Red Planet. Once the ride pauses at its peak, riders can take a 360-degree look around Mars thanks to a partnership with NASA.

Johnson Space Center Director, Ellen Ochoa, jumped at the first opportunity to collaborate.

“We want to let people know where we’re going, how we’re doing it and we want to get them involved in part of the journey,” said Ochoa.

The ride finishes with a 90-foot drop transporting riders visually from Mars, landing on the 50-yard-line of NRG stadium.

Future Flight will be open to the public from January 28th, 2017 through February 5th, 2017. It will be located at Super Bowl LIVE at Discovery Green.