HOUSTON- The Super Bowl security plan includes new cameras keeping watch over various venues.

Some can detect not only gun shots and explosives, but unusual behavior.

“This is certainly the big game,” said Scott Dunn with Axis Communications.

The game plan included the installation of the newest cameras by his company.

“We’re here to protect everybody, regardless of who they’re rooting for,” said Dunn.

Like players on a field, cameras work together. Their data is delivered via a wireless Verizon network to command centers like one in the middle of Discovery Green.

“Our mission here is to augment law enforcement safety teams,” said Dunn. “For everybody that comes into the city and certainly here at the live events.”

Some cameras have thermal capabilities while others detect unusual noises.

Cameras can also determine how long a person sits at a particular location and issues an alert if something is left behind, like a backpack.

“They can then take a photo of that, snapshot it, save it, and then email it to law enforcement saying “be on the lookout for this particular individual,” said Dan Foster with Verizon.

Individual officers can get immediate alerts on their cell phones and tackle any problem as soon as possible.

Cameras are also used for crowd management. Security personnel and others can be adjusted depending on what they see.