Country artist Sam Hunt and DJ duo The Chainsmokers took the stage Thursday night in the first concert at Club Nomadic.

Sixty days ago, Club Nomadic hadn't been built. On Thursday night, it was show time.

Thursday night’s event was sponsored by EA Sports, so the crowd watched athletes battle it out on the Madden 17 game.

“It’s a good crowd,” said concertgoer Chris James. “Beautiful people. We're having a good time so far, and music hadn't even started yet.”

“We came here expecting a concert. It's a huge warehouse venue, very unique, not like something we have seen in Houston,” said Claire Shifler, another concertgoer.

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Tyrann Mathieu of the Miami Dolphins said he was at Club Nomadic to “chaperone.” Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was also at the venue, as well as many other athletes and celebrities spotted on the red carpet.

It's all taking place in a pop-up night club filled with almost 9,000 people, just a few yards from a quiet neighborhood.

"We have multiple levels of security officers on hand," said Phil Shalala, Chief Marketing Officer with Nomadic Entertainment Group. "This place will be the safest place in town."

"This is a neighborhood they've dropped a club in the middle of," said Justin Hodge. "It just doesn't seem to make much sense."

Neighbors aren't sure what to expect.

"We're preparing to be on lock down from Thursday to Sunday morning," Hodge said.

There are '"no parking" signs all over the neighborhood. It's meant to ease congestion in the area. Concert goers will have to park at the Allen Center and shuttle over to Club Nomadic, but those who live in the area fear people will flood into the neighborhood anyway.

"There's a huge concern with congestion, traffic and noise all of the above," Hodge said. "We have earplugs, we're preparing for it. I mean, we're happy the Super Bowl is here, but this was just poorly planned by the city."

It'll be three straight nights of major concerts highlighted by Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, big name acts even some neighbors admit they don't mind having in their backyard.

"I like Bruno Mars, so I'd be happy if I could hear him from here and not pay much to be there," said Amy D'Angelo.

Doors open at 7 p.m. every night.