Entertainment news outlet TMZ is reporting sources with the Houston Police Department are hopeful Super Bowl LI MVP Tom Brady’s jersey will be found on a team equipment truck heading for Boston.

The detective leading the investigation tells KHOU there are several vehicles on that route still needing to be searched.

When the jersey first turned up missing, the detective says officers searched the immediate area at NRG Stadium.

A captain with Major Offenders says the biggest challenge is tracking down any leads. They are looking for everyone that was in the locker room at NRG Stadium when the jersey went missing, as well as any potential phones that could have recorded video, including players, media and security.

They need to talk any and all security personnel there at the time.

The captain also says they are aware of the historical value of the jersey, but they also want to make sure they rule out the possibility it was just misplaced.

Detectives want to warn the public there have been several instances of people claiming to sell the jersey online, trying to dupe people.

KHOU had members of our staff in the stadium and one in the locker room, but we have not yet been contacted.

If it turns out the jersey was stolen, the types of charges are up to the district attorney.