The loading docks are still here. Signs also clearly show that workers handled and sorted mail throughout this building.

On Monday, KHOU 11 News got a look at how some old buildings are being put to good use just in time for the Super Bowl 51, which includes the Barbara Jordan Post Office on Franklin Street.

The U.S. Postal Service stopped using the building in May 2015, but it's going to be prime real estate for the big game.

"How many available spaces are there in in Houston that are anywhere near downtown with this much space?" said Bob Fuldauer of Turn to Productions, LLC, which is helping to promote the building for owner Lovett Commercial

Fuldauer says the old space will be turned into a variety of things in the week leading up to the game, including an indoor market, room for art exhibits and warehouse-type parties and even office space.

"You want a degree of intimacy, and what you have here is that it breaks down into so many different spaces, and again, you have very big wide open spaces with it," Fuldauer said.

The first two levels have 270,000 square feet of space each and there are multiple levels above that. The music festival Day for Night hosted a series of events at the post office in December that drew nearly 20,000 people.

"What's great about this location for the Super Bowl is the fact this building is visible from both main freeways," Fuldauer said, pointing to I-45 and I-10 from the rooftop.

The place served as Southern Pacific Railway's Grand Central Station until it was turned into a post office in 1962.

Developers hope to turn the site into permanent mixed-use development. The structure was designed by the same architects who designed the Astrodome.