The Super Bowl is just a couple months away. With it comes a massive new traveling music venue, which is under construction just off Washington Avenue.

Officials announced plans for Club Nomadic on Tuesday.

They say the 62,500-square foot temporary facility will host Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift in the days before the Super Bowl.

Business owners and residents in the area told KHOU 11 News they welcome all the attention the events will bring to the neighborhood.

Holler Brewing just opened across the street from the facility on Edwards Street three weeks ago.

“I think we’re a little anxious just because we are so new and we’re figuring things out. But when we heard it was confirmed, we were pumped,” said Kathryn Holler, owner of the brewery.

Other neighbors expressed concern about where the expected 9,000 fans will park.

“Not exactly that pleased about it. That’s a lot of people. We used to have a club down the street and parking was kind of a pain,” said Melissa Ballantyne.

“The only concern for our neighborhood is really the parking. That kind of worries me, because I feel like our whole street will be covered with people,” said Maha Elqutoub. “It will be great, though. I mean, my husband is in the valet business, so if I have to throw him in to help, we’ll get it done.”

Nomadic Entertainment President Jack Murphy explained the company has a plan in place to handle the traffic.

“As in years past, we have secured off-site parking and shuttled guests to the facility. We are currently working with the city to finalize a comprehensive plan that will have little impact to the local community,” he said in a statement.

Overall, most people who live and work in the area say they are excited the shows will bring new businesses in the neighborhood some Super Bowl publicity.

“I think having that as an attraction will be a really good kicking off point for this area,” Holler said. “I’m imagining that a lot of people are going to come to this area, not only for the Super Bowl events, but I think it’s going to bring a lot of exposure to some of the wonderful art studios and some of the other businesses that are here.”

Officials plan to announce which musical act will perform on the Thursday before the Super Bowl in the coming weeks.

Tickets to see Bruno Mars on the Friday before the Super Bowl go on sale Dec. 3 on Ticketmaster.

Taylor Swift will perform the night before the big game. Tickets will only be available through a series of AT&T promotions and campaigns.