HOUSTON - Luke Bryan and Lady Gaga held separate press conferences to discuss their upcoming Super Bowl LI performances.

Luke Bryan will perform the National Anthem before kickoff Sunday. Bryan admitted he's rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, as he grew up in Georgia and talked about how the performance will be the "highlight of his career".

"To move to Nashville and become a country music singer... you know, to look back on my life and to remember what happens Sunday, it'll certainly be a highlight of my career and my entertainment life," said Bryan.

He even shared a sweet moment with James Corden's sisters, who asked for a "hug from a cowboy".

A short time later, Lady Gaga took the stage to discuss her halftime performance. When answering a question from Houston's own Simone Biles, Gaga said that the performance will be "high energy and athletic".

Lady Gaga added that Houston doesn't have to worry about another "wardrobe malfunction". During Houston's last Super Bowl in 2004, viewers saw Janet Jackson's exposed breast during her halftime performance.

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