More than a million out-of-towners flocked to Houston for the Super Bowl.

Before the game, several local business owners said they were adding additional staff to prepare for the big crowds.

“We operated three different dining rooms. We had a tent in the parking lot, our main dining room, then our signature café out back," said Marcus Davis, owner of the Breakfast Klub in Midtown. "We also extended our hours. We opened earlier and closed later. Then we also opened up late night for all the people having their Super Bowl fun.”

Davis said they were still serving Super Bowl visitors until Wednesday after the game.

While they let customers come to them, other businesses followed the crowds.

Dozens of food trucks called Super Bowl Live at Discovery Green home for more than a week.

Mark Donn Tiu managed an “Oh My Gogi!” food tent and helped with the Happy Endings food truck.

“Around Wednesday and Thursday, people from out of town started pouring in and business started getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” said Mark Donn Tiu, Oh My Gogi! Food Truck Manager. “Overall, the tent did around $30,000. Happy Endings did around $60,000. It was definitely the most that both have ever sold.”

Davis couldn’t share totals for Super Bowl week yet. However, he says they’re using different metrics to measure their success.

“It’s measured for us by how many people return to the city once they go out and tell people about the Breakfast Klub, and about Houston, of course,” Davis said.