HOUSTON -- As thousands of fans head to Houston for Super Bowl LI, some fear that victims of the sex trade will also be brought to the city.

Local organizations are gearing up to deal with the problem are offer help to those forced into prostitution.

"Houston unfortunately has a demand for prostitution that doesn't only revolve around the Super Bowl, it is constant throughout the year," said Sam Hernandez with the faith based group Elijah Rising. "The Super Bowl gives us the opportunity to have enough eyes to draw awareness and fight human trafficking."

Elijah Rising plans to bring in more than 300 volunteers and train them to identify victims of sex trafficking.

They will be handing out gifts and trinkets containing phone numbers and information to get help.

"We'll send them out into the streets and into places where women are being sold into the sex industry with resources to help them get out," said Hernandez.

Her group also plans to have volunteers working online, responding to internet sex ads with information on how people can escape the sex industry.

"We are also going to be reaching the buyers and educating them about the reality of what prostitution is actually supporting," said Hernandez. "Wherever the sex industry is over that weekend, we will be there."