HOUSTON- Monday marked 34 days until Super Bowl LI, and there’s still a lot of work to be done at various venues.

Nobody’s riding the bench at what will be Club Nomadic in Sawyer Heights.

“They’re not pushing the dates for me,” said Nomadic Entertainment President Jack Murphy.

Murphy says the temporary venue, which is set to host A-list talent in the days before the big game, must be done on time.

“I can’t talk about acts of God,” said Murphy. “But from our situation, if it’s 24/7 from now until show date, it’s 24/7 from now until show date.” “It’s that easy.”

What’s not so easy is avoiding the pitfalls of more common construction projects.

“You’ve got weather, you’ve got permitting, you’ve got delays, you’ve got traffic,” said Murphy.

A number of Super Bowl-related projects are set to be completed in the coming weeks, including ambitious-looking attractions in Discovery Green.

There was no work underway Monday at Midtown Park.

That’s where ESPN will have its center of operations during Super Bowl week before it becomes an amenity for the surrounding neighborhood.

“Looks like there’s not much being done right now, but you hope they’ll have it done by the Super Bowl so everybody can enjoy it then,” said resident Ryan Veinotte.

Brandon Farris has been following the progress from his office at Houston Community College next door.

“They’ve got some work to do, that’s all I’ve got to say,” said Farris. “But we’ll see.”

Back at Club Nomadic, about 100 additional workers will be on site in the coming days to help eliminate the chance it won’t be ready.

“It’s just not an option,” said Murphy.

We didn’t hear back from those overseeing Midtown Park.

Meanwhile, Club Nomadic will release more information later in the week regarding who’ll be performing leading up to the Super Bowl.