HOUSTON - Monday was a big day following the big game for Houston’s two airports.

More than 150,000 Super Bowl visitors were expected to fly out.

“It was amazing!” said a Patriots fan.

“It was great,” said a Falcons fan.

Those departing both Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airport shared similar impressions of the host city.

“I think Houston’s a wonderful city,” said Falcons fan Edward Burress. “But I have just terrible, painful memories here thanks to Tom Brady and a bunch of New Englanders.”

“Never been here before and I just told the young lady over here how impressed we are with the city and the accommodations and how you guys handled everything,” said Patriots fan Alan Williams.

140,000 Super Bowl-related passengers were expected at Bush and another 40,000 at Hobby. Both stressed checking out of hotels five hours before a flight and arriving at the airport three hours early.

“This is what we call Thanksgiving on steroids,” said Houston Airport System spokesman Mario Diaz. “It’ll probably be our busiest day in forever and this year.”

This year fans were also advised to carry on official programs to avoid problems with security sensors in the checked baggage area.

“Because of the hologram,” said one fan.

Patriots fan Amy Dominici happily held onto her program.

“We were crossing our fingers at half time, but we knew, we knew our Patriots would do it,” said Dominici of the game.

She and others said they’d return to Houston for something other than a Super Bowl.