HOUSTON- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional football player and an astronaut?

Leland Melvin briefly played with the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys during training camp in the 80s, but an injury led to a career change to NASA as an engineer and eventually as an astronaut.

Melvin flew two shuttle missions in 2008 and 2009.

He said he not only took his jersey and Andre Johnson's jersey into space, but he found time to play a little football while in orbit.

"Much easier in space because you catch the ball and you keep floating,” said Melvin. “You don't even have to run!”

Melvin remembered the experience like it was yesterday.

“You can just catch it and keep going down to get to the goal but Newton's law, for every action there's a reaction, the way you stop, you either hit the wall or somebody slows you down,” said Melvin.

Melvin spent Tuesday at Super Bowl LIVE where he is partnering with Chevron to use virtual reality and football to get kids interested in science, math, technology and engineering.