He performed at the Super Bowl halftime show two years ago, and now Bruno Mars is returning to Houston at Club Nomadic Friday night.

The massive temporary venue hosted its first Houston event Thursday, and folks who attended say there is just one word to describe opening night.

“Awesome,” said concertgoer Courtney Heinz.

“It was awesome,” said Julie Azud, who shot video that shows just how large the venue’s sold out crowd was.

The club can hold up to 9,000 music fans, so when all those people poured out after Thursday night’s show, thousands of them waited near these signs for an Uber.

“There's just so much traffic, there's really nothing you can really do,” Azud said.

While she waited for more than an hour, Adam Lopez took another route: the shuttle from the Allen Center parking garage.

“It was real easy. We parked, jumped right on the bus. I think we waited less than two minutes before the shuttle left. It was really great,” he said.

For $20, Lopez said he’d do the whole thing again.

“I'm thinking about going tonight,” Lopez said.

Even Azud, who waited in the cold for an hour, give the club a positive review.

“We really went for the experience. We kind of knew it was going to be crazy. But it's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing,” she said.

If you want to avoid the Uber line, Club Nomadic managers encourage attendees to park in the garage at 1600 Smith. You can reserve a spot here.