Falcons Fan Elizabeth Upshaw and Patriots fan Janet Katz don't know each other. But in many ways, they are one in the same.

They are both dealing with loss with the help of their loved ones' favorite teams. Upshaw's husband Preston died from Stage 4 colon cancer last July.

"His dream… yeah we wanted to go to a Super Bowl together. So I'm bringing him," Upshaw said.

"I'm here in his memory. And as part of my bucket list,” Katz said of her son, who died from unexplained circumstances last April.

All season, there’s been a void on Sundays. At the same time, there’s also a a supernatural touch.

"A lot of those Patriots games that were determined by just a couple points, a field goal. We all said, ‘Thank you, Alec," Katz said.

"All the calls that I thought were going to go against us, a lot of time usually would. I could feel Preston from Heaven, coming down helping the game," Upshaw said.

They were in Houston for a Super Bowl appearance, honoring the men who are not here, but in more ways than not, are along for the ride.