HOUSTON- Just in time for the Super Bowl, crawfish season is kicking into high gear.

"This thing goes all day long," said Luke Mandola, vice president of Ragin' Cajun, as he gestures to a giant boiling pot of crawfish. "We cook 'em all day long right here."

Mandola said Falcons fans know all about mud bugs, but Patriots fans, like customer Bill from Boston, might need some help.

"They should suck the heads, yes," Bill laughed. "If you're going to eat 'em, you eat 'em right."

Over at BB's Cafe in the Heights, CEO Brooks Bassler offered up a crawfish tutorial of sorts for those who need it.

"Right where the tail meets the body, you just pinch that off and twist. I always peel the first one. The first layer off right there. Once you have that off, you just pinch and pull right at the very bottom of the tail," he said, dipping the meat in sauce before popping it in his mouth. "You can't forget to suck the head."

The lunch line at Treebeard's in Market Square was hoppin' on Wednesday after the restaurant announced its first crawfish delivery of the season.That means one thing: time for etouffee.

"It is a butter-based dish that we serve over white rice," said Edie Sampson, sales and marketing manager for Treebeard's. "It has bell peppers and onions and celery and they fresh crawfish tails."

No matter how you eat it, crawfish is definitely a must-try dish, along with all the other flavors of Southeast Texas, such as gumbo, boudain and red beans and rice.

Sampson added, "Welcome to Houston. We are a food city."