HOUSTON- City Planners and the Super Bowl Host Committee are bracing for an estimated 140,000 visitors to descend on Houston in less than one month.

One of their goals is to make sure that a global audience has a smooth ride around town.

The Super Bowl Host Committee will be installing new signs throughout downtown Houston as well as signs around NRG to help people navigate to and from their destinations.

In addition to that, the Downtown Management District has recently completed two major projects to help visitors.

One involves new overhead signs with arrows to direct drivers. The other includes over 100 signs for pedestrians.

“I think they’ve done a great job. In fact, I was commenting to my husband about the signage that have markers with the arrows. I think it’ll be easy for everyone,” said Michelle Stone.

The Super Bowl Host Committee is asking everyone to “know before you go” and map out routes, parking and transportation ahead of time.

It also offers an app to help Super Bowl attendees get around to all of the events leading up the Super Bowl.

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