BUFFALO, NY — Bills fans will soon see the fruits of their generous labor in big, bold letters around the Buffalo area.

Fans flooded the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation with donations after Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw a last-minute touchdown pass to help his Cincinnati Bengals upset the Ravens Sunday, which secured the Bills a playoff spot. Now, the Bengals quarterback is showing his appreciation for Western New York's philanthropy.

According to a spokesman for Vehr Communications, which supports Dalton's foundation, five billboards in the Buffalo area will be set up to thank fans for supporting the foundation.

The billboard will look like this:

Within 24 hours after the Bills clinched, over 2,500 donors pledged $57,000. By Wednesday morning, 9,500 donors had contributed $218,000. Many of contributions are $17 donations, the number of seasons it's been since the Bills made the playoffs.

The five billboards will be near the following locations:

— I-190 East at Old Worthington Pl 80 Roberts

— Kensington Expressway at 289 Cherry Street

— Kensington Expressway at Verdun Ave.

— I-290 at 100 Firetower Drive

— I-190 West at Old Worthington Pl 80 Roberts

The billboards are scheduled to run Wednesday through Sunday.