HOUSTON- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell opened his Super Bowl press conference with high praise for Houston and how the city and its people have welcomed the world.

"We're excited to be here," said Goodell. "I know you're going to shine as this Super Bowl week continues. You can feel the enthusiasm in this community... and we thank you for that."

Since Saturday, downtown Houston has been buzzing.

"We've seen records, over 250,000 people first few days and well on pace to exceed a million people at these events," said Goodell.

The NFL Experience at the GRB and Super Bowl Live at Discovery Green have done exactly what the NFL was hoping, drawing in thousands of fans to one central Super Bowl location.

Halfway through Super Bowl week, Houston's host committee says things could not be going any better.

"I think we're showing the world who we are," said Kevin Cooper, with Houston Super Bowl Host Committee. "I think we're breaking a lot of stereotypes. I think the weather has done a big job for us and really helped us out."

With throngs of fans expected to arrive here Thursday, the energy only expected to increase. The focus now is making sure things stay on track but also beginning to dream about the next time Houston might play host to a Super Bowl.

"I think people will go home and say this was a good time there," said Cooper. "I think Mr. McNair and his family will apply for another one and see what we can do."