SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio Spurs are not going to play much worse in their second-round series vs. Houston than they did in their 126-99 loss to the Rockets. It's also doubtful that the Rockets will play much better than they did for the rest of this series. The calls after the game from both teams was "It's one game," as Gregg Popovich summed up the game as only he does, with "We lost, and they won, and they played better." 

But for the Spurs, the concern comes not from the 27-point margin of victory for Houston, or the 39-point biggest lead, or the transition points differential (27-9 through three quarters). The concern comes from the fact that the Rockets not only won in the edges you would expect them to, but that they dominated so many matchups which should have gone their way. 

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