The Houston Rockets scored a sellout in their second straight home playoff win Wednesday.  However, fans still left some empty seats.

Before tip-off of game two in the NBA opening round playoff series between Houston and the Oklahoma City Thunder, KHOU 11 News found tickets on StubHub for $56.

“It was a little strange to me as well and I can’t quite figure it out,” said Lonnie Schaps, a Rockets fan.

A block south of Toyota Center at China Garden, former Rockets announcer Jim Foley offered a theory.

“I think people are waiting to see what happens,” he said.

He thinks fans are waiting for the next round.

Ticket brokers agree. They pointed toward online sales in the secondary ticket market. KHOU 11 News discovered $17 tickets to the Washington Wizards playoff game Thursday.

In Houston, maybe it is timing. Some simply refuse to miss an Astros home baseball game for anything short of an NBA championship.

“I mean, I’m pulling for the Rockets, obviously, H-town,” Reed Hutson said.  “But no, I’m an Astros fan.”

Whatever the reason, fans at the Rockets latest game are not worried. They believe crowds are coming.