A good way to determine if the NBA has an actual problem with game play is when casual fans start to complain. The League Pass faithful will always have quibbles, but when folks who are only really invested in marquee matchups or the playoffs think something is off, that's an issue the league has to resolve.

Last year, when querying any casual fan watching, you heard a complaint: "Why do those guys get free throws just for chucking it up from behind the 3-point line when a guy comes near them?"

The issue became widespread last season because it's a difficult situation in the first place to officiate. Most tricks that players use, officials get better at. Head snaps, fake falls, arm grabs, the officials in the NBA have seen them all. But for some reason, this trick, used most prominently by Houston Rockets guard James Harden, grinds almost everyone's gears. Even coaches whose players use the "trick" routinely, don't love it, but they acknowledge its usefulness.

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