CLEVELAND -- It’s no surprise he got booed.

During a taping of Fox Sports’ Undisputed in Cleveland on Tuesday, actor Michael Rapaport shouted at Cavs fans that the NBA Finals were locked in for a Golden State Warriors victory.

“It’s over! The party is over! I came out here to tell you people to your face! It was a nice run. It was a good run. But the party is over, people!”

His comments came on the eve of Game 3 with the Cavs trailing 0-2.

“I flew out here on a red eye. I haven’t slept all night ‘cause I wanted to tell you to your face, people!” Rapaport continued. “It was fun, but you gotta run!”

Watch what he said toward the end of the segment:

His statements were featured in a Cavs hype video in which the team shuts down haters like Rapaport.

Game 3 is set for 9 p.m. Wednesday at Quicken Loans Arena.