Some 600 football coaches from high schools and little leagues across Texas filled The Star in Frisco Tuesday for a coaching clinic put on the Dallas Cowboys.

Most attendees were men, but a small group of women attended too. Latoya Hodge, a coach for the Fort Worth Texans, says female coaches are growing in the sport.

"I saw my mom's best friend doing it when I was little, and I thought if she can do it, then I can," Hodge said.

The female attendees were outnumbered and say they're often met with skepticism when people find out they coach. But Hodge says that's changing as more women join coaching staffs and positions.

"I love it when they see I'm serious, and I earn that respect," Hodge said.

Hodge says her goal is the same as any other man or woman who coaches youth, she wants to help young people develop on and off the field.

"I'm here to motivate them and let them know they can do anything," Hodge said.

Other women like Tracie Green who also works with the Fort Worth Texans says more women will be joining coaching roles in the coming generation.

"It used to be the sky is the limit, and now we go past that," Green said.

All women say they're coaches because of their love of the game, and they look forward to when it isn't uncommon for women to be on the field.