HOUSTON - Among the fans watching the World Series in Minute Maid Park this weekend was a young man we first met at the last Astros World Series appearance - in 2005.

Back then, third-grader Bonham Palmer had some great advice for the ‘Stros. We checked back with him, to see how things panned out.

Today, Bonham is a 21-year-old student at Texas A&M. He still has his 2005 World Series tickets - he was just 9 years old then. He is still a die-hard Astros fan, watching at least 100 games each season on television.

Standing back in front of Minute Maid, Bonham jokes, “I predicted they were gonna be back, but I was off by 11 years.”

He watched the video clip of his original KHOU 11 interview. Surrounded by a sea of screaming fans, a deadly serious 9-year-old Bonham advised the Astros to get a first baseman who can bat .280.

Today’s Bonham says, smiling, “They found a lot guys who can hit .280 with power. I think they really listened to my advice.”

He really likes this 2017 team, saying, “They’re not just great players, they are also great people -- organizing stuff for Harvey.”

He remembers his brave game face from that night. He didn’t cry when the Astros lost Game 4 and were swept in the 2005 World Series.

He still has a truly special memento from that night - a World Series Game ball he managed to catch.