HOUSTON -- When Danny Quiles was a kid growing up in Puerto Rico, he dreamed of becoming a Big League ballplayer. But a shoulder injury forced the promising shortstop to come up with a new game plan for future.

In 2013, Quiles moved his family to Houston and began cutting hair -- a skill he learned from his mom.

Word of his cutting edge haircuts at the Cadillax Barber shop in Katy quickly spread and a few Houston Astros became clients.

“Dallas Keuchel, Jose Alutve, Marwin Gonzalez, Chris Carter,” Quiles said.

Fast forward to 2017, and Quiles is now the unofficial barber for the entire team.

­For some superstitious players, he’s a critical part of the Game Day ritual -- and maybe even a lucky charm.

Photos: Astros barber gives team their cutting edge look

Lance McCullers is among the Astros whose confidence gets a boost with with a fresh trim from Quiles.

“You look good, you feel good, you play good. That’s it,” Quiles said.

Carlos Correa’s triple stripes are “only for the playoffs,” according to Quiles.

As for George Springer, Quiles says, “He likes the Mohawk. Long on top. Short on the sides.”

Then there is the king of hair, Yuli Gurriel. His mane has inspired rally wigs. Some have nicknamed the unique cut “the pineapple.”

“La Pina,” Danny laughs in his native Spanish.

Quiles makes house calls when asked and is also a regular at the Minute Maid clubhouse.

He is often in demand when opposing teams come to Houston and has even cut the hair of childhood hero Alex Rodriguez. Let’s not cut it so close this time.

When he’s not cutting the Astros, you can get a cut from Danny at the Cadillax Barber Shop at 19128 West Little York in Katy. His cuts there cost around $25.