As he wiped a wet cloth across a stainless steel counter, Norman Alcantara was still beaming.

“I feel so happy to be here, yesterday was -- wooo!” Alcantara exclaimed.

Stadium workers like Alcantara spent Monday cleaning Minute Maid Park, but during Sunday night’s epic World Series game five, Alcantara had the privilege of dispensing nachos, while stealing glances at a nearby TV.

“I was really lucky,” Alcantara said, smiling broadly. “Altuve with the homerun - it was so good. He’s from Venezuela, and me too.”

While Alcantara dipped cheese sauce, his phone was abuzz with texts from friends and family back in Venezuela envious of his good fortune. “‘Norman tell me how the game was – how was everything’” they asked.

He’ll never forget it. “Never in my life,” said Alcantara. “Never.”

Sunday’s was the kind of game that cements an aura into the concrete and steel of a stadium.

Shawn Ross already feels it.

“A couple times I thought they weren’t gonna make it, but they put it through, they put it through,” said Ross as he sprayed down the right field seats with a firehose.

Ross normally only catches the ends of games when he shows up to clean, but Sunday he had a rare evening off and could watch the entire game at home on TV.

“Great comeback,” giggled Ross as he clutched the hose. “Go Astros!”