(CBS) -- The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Houston Astros in Game 6 of the World Series (LAD 3, HOU 1) on Tuesday to force a Game 7 on Wednesday. This is the first World Series Game 7 between two 100-win teams since 1931 (the Cardinals defeated the Athletics), and the first World Series Game 7 at Dodger Stadium.

For all intents and purposes, Game 7 is a coin-flip game. An unlikely hero could win it for either team, an unfortunate bounce could change everything. That's what makes Game 7s so much fun. Our friends st SportsLine (@SportsLine on Twitter) crunched the numbers anyway and determined the Dodgers have the edge going into Game 7.Dodgers win Game 7: 53 percent

  • Astros win Game 7: 47 percent

The Dodgers have the edge, per SportsLine, but not a big one. As good as these two teams are, it's hard to think either would have a huge advantage going into any one game. With any luck, Game 7 will be an instant classic. The first six games of this World Series have been incredibly exciting.