HOUSTON - You’ve heard it time and time again, from the players, the coaches, and the fans - this win was not just for the Astros, but for the entire city of Houston - a city that just two months ago was underwater.

“It’s hard to believe that we have gone from the depths of the ocean, to the highest mountain that we could ever think of," said Dawn Edwards.

From the depths of the floodwaters.

“It's not just about Harvey. It’s not about who got impacted. It’s about the whole city, because the whole city got impacted," said Mary Alaniz.

From the trenches of a tragedy has risen a city with a new focus, and a new reason to revive.

“Harvey gave us such a one-two punch that we needed something else to focus on," said Dr. Susan Henney, Professor of Psychology at the University of Houston-Downtown.

And with just a few colored markers and a white piece of poster board, that love shines through.

“It’s means a lot to me. I’ve been waiting my whole life to see this moment," said Don Butler.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around where we were only two months ago.

“We’ve taken a bigger hit than anybody in those cities could imagine.” he said.

From such a low, to now, the highest of highs.

"Having this here, was amazing. We knew it, we felt it, and this city, this city was behind this team and they knew it," said Nelda Billescas.

The stakes were stacked against us, but together we’ve fought.

“We’ve been able to come up and above it all, and the Astros are a symbol of that," Henney said.

Proving to ourselves and the rest of the world, that our city is strong.

Henney says Harvey gave the Astros a purpose.

“A sense of purpose is a driving force in life and a sense of purpose, it can be derived from tragedy," she said.

They knew it was more than a game, and even more than the World Series.

“What it is is a sense of pride, a sense of pride in our city, a sense of pride in our team, and our ability to say that Houston means something good," said Henney.

It’s a feeling of love, a feeling of hope that can turn from a tragedy to a triumph.

“It's more than a game. It’s about life. It’s about family. It’s a celebration," said Billescas.