You can’t have the Astros without Orbit! The team’s lime green mascot can get just about anyone to crack a smile, no matter if the team is winning or losing.

“Orbit has a great appreciation for improv comedy,” said Chad Minchew. He’s the artistic director for Comedy Sportz Houston. “A chance to work with Orbit? That’s incredible!”

The comedy club, which is just blocks from Minute Maid Park has hosted mascot training for a number of professional teams, including Houston’s very own space alien.

“So when they see Orbit, they don’t just see a guy in a costume. They see him fully engaging. We teach that and that’s one of the things we really worked on, to hone with him. You’ve got to play it up and you’ve got to buy in, fully,” said Minchew.

To Learn more about comedy classes, visit here.

They offer corporate team building events, and ahead of Game Six, the team of comedians offer this advice to find humor during the 2017 World Series:

  1. Take a breath
  2. Find a game within the game. Maybe every time Springer comes to bat, your watch party does something silly. Or each time Altuve and Correa hi-five, you try to emulate their excitement
  3. Hold on to funny moments or look for your favorite moment during the game. That way, in case the Astros are down, you can talk about your favorite moment until Altuve brings us back for the win!