HOUSTON - When it comes to Astros’ fans Mickey Marvins has to be among one of the most dedicated.

Her home is adorned with impressive pieces of baseball history like a framed ticket from the Astrodome’s opening night in 1965 and a baseball autographed by Craig Biggio.

However, out of all the items, an old tee-shirt has become Marvins’ most important window into the past.

Marvins grew up watching the game with her mother, Gloria.

“My mom was a baseball fan and she and I would go to the Colt 45 games,” remembered Marvins. “We had to fight the mosquitoes and the humidity and sit outside.”

That tradition continued once the Atros moved into the Astrodome.

“She would get really excited during the games and she was a lot of fun to watch.” Marvins said.

Marvins had the shirt specially made for her mom after the Astros lost to the Phillis in the 1980 National League Playoffs. She was hopeful for the Astros’ future so she had “World Series 198_” on the back.

Her mom wore it on opening day in 1981 and was even photographed in it by the Houston Chronicle.

As Astros’ fans know, the 80’s came and went with no World Series title. So Mickey used a marker to strike though “198_”, and instead wrote “199_” below.

Marivns’ mom never saw that as she passed away in 1988, but Mickey kept taking that shirt to games.

“I’ve been dragging that thing to the stadium for years because it's my mom. So she's with us. She's at the games.” Marvins said.

There’s also a strike through 199_, 2004 and 2005. Now, once again, after more than a decade there’s a new year written on the shirt and a new hope for greatness.

“We are holding our own, we are Houston strong and proud.” said Marvins.

And if the boys do bring home that title, she has a new plan for that old family shirt.

“I might take it out to the cemetery. Something like that.” she said.