HOUSTON - Houston-area Academy stores stayed open all night long as Astros fans sought World Series championship gear.

Many of them waited in lines that stretched around store buildings.

“I waited four hours,” said Michelle Schmidt at the Katy store. Fans who’ve waited decades for a World Series win finally got their hands on swag that proves it really happened.

“I have seven shirts and I have pennants, I have hats,” said Schmidt. “We’re good.”

Academy went through multiple shipments in no time and especially stocked up on one particular ball cap.

“This is the actual locker room hat design from after the game,” said store director Matt Goglia.

Sleep took a back seat to celebrating a milestone more than 50 years in the making.

“Cause we won, we’re the champions, been waiting on this a long time,” said Taylor McDonald.

“It’s just really heartwarming that so many people can come together and cheer for something good and put personal differences behind and just be one right now,” said Terry Schaub.

Houston has hosted a Super Bowl, survived a hurricane, and produced World Series champs in just one year.

There’s still plenty of time to come by and get a cap, shirt, or other gear. Academy stores will remain open through 9:30 p.m. Much of the new merchandise is also available online.