The USA TODAY Sports baseball staff envisions the Los Angeles Dodgers winning their first title since 1988 - though it's not quite unanimous.

Of the six writers and editors polled, four chose the Dodgers, while two picked the Astros. All but two picked a pitcher to take home the MVP trophy.

And for full disclosure, none of us chose the Astros and only two of us predicted the Dodgers to reach the World Series before the postseason began, while one of us predicted the Dodgers as World Series winners before the season.

Meanwhile, across major media sites, 71% of experts have picked the Dodgers.

Here are our picks for World Series champion and MVP:

Bob Nightengale

Astros in 6

MVP: Justin Verlander

Jorge L. Ortiz

Astros in 6

MVP: Carlos Correa

Gabe Lacques

Dodgers in 5

MVP: Kenley Jansen

Ted Berg

Dodgers in 7

MVP: Clayton Kershaw

Steve Gardner

Dodgers in 5

MVP: Clayton Kershaw

Scott Boeck

Dodgers in 6

MVP: Justin Turner