(CBS) -- Major League Baseball is on pace to shatter its home run record. This year, players in the American and National Leagues combined have hit more than 4,000 home runs. The record, set in the year 2000, is 5,693.

The last time Major League Baseball saw a dramatic increase in home runs, players were called to testify before Congress over allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs.

This time around, some are questioning whether the sudden spike in home runs has less to do with the players, and more to do with the baseball itself.

"We did detect some differences between the balls from before the home run rate surge and after," said sports writer Ben Lindbergh.
Lindbergh documented a number of changes to game balls used from 2014 through July 2016. They were tested at Washington State University, where balls are fired from air canons at bat-shaped cylinders.

"We were able to detect that there do seem to be some differences. The circumference is a little smaller now, the seams are a little bit lower, and what's called the coefficient of restitution or core, basically the bounciness of the ball, has increased," Lindbergh said.

Enough bounce, he believes, to turn better-than-average batters into big-time home run threats.

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