ARLINGTON, Texas -- A poll commissioned by the campaign for a new Texas Rangers baseball stadium shows a 14-point lead in favor of a new ballpark, according to a survey that supporters released Tuesday afternoon.

The Public Opinion Strategies poll of 400 likely voters, conducted by telephone between Sept. 23 through 25, showed 54 percent of likely voters support a new stadium, while 40 percent oppose it.

“We are excited, yet not surprised, by the results of the survey,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff
Williams in a press release Tuesday afternoon. “Arlington voters are rallying around the referendum to keep our Rangers with no new taxes.”

Next month, voters will be asked to move a half-cent sales tax that paid to help build the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium over to the baseball project, which is labeled as Proposition 1 on Arlington’s ballot.

Mayor Williams said the team brings a $77-million economic boost to the city each year.

But last Wednesday, opponents of the new stadium released their own survey, which indicates they are winning.

Citizens for a Better Arlington said its poll showed 46 percent of likely Arlington voters oppose using public money to build a new stadium while 38 percent support it.

"This is an indication of what we already knew going into this fight. We are a David going up against a Goliath,” said Faith Bussey, President of Citizens for a Better Arlington, in a news release last week.

“We can prevail even with the odds stacked against us. People see this as a bad deal that doesn't pass the common sense test.”

November 8 is election day.