TORONTO -- The Baltimore Orioles still were livid Tuesday night long after American League wild card defeat to the Toronto Blue Jays, sickened by a fan"s actions.

Orioles left fielder Hyun Soo Kim was nearly hit in the head by a beer can while making a catch on a fly ball near the wall in the seventh inning.

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, who also was taunted with racial slurs, said he hopes the fan is arrested and prosecuted for his actions.

“That’s about as pathetic as it gets,’’ said Jones, who angrily gestured towards the fans, before the umpiring crew came out and security were summoned to the stands.

"You don’t do that. I don’t care how passionate you are. Yell. Cuss. Scream. Say we suck. We’re horrible. We get it. We’re the opponent. We completely understand that.

“I hope they find the guy and presses charges. He’s not looking. You could hit him in the back of the head and you knave know what could happen. That’s a full beer that’s being thrown.

“Throw an octopus. Throw hats.’’Jones confirmed he heard racial and ethnic slurs towards him and Kim, a native of South Korea. Yet, as cruel as it may be, he’s become almost numb at the slurs he hears from opposing fans.

“I’ve heard that so much playing baseball,’’ Jones said. “I don’t really care anymore. Call me what you want… I get it. That’s fine’’

“But to put us in harm’s way, when all we’re doing is focusing on the game, that’s not part of baseball. Not part of any sport.’’

The incident marred just the second extra-inning game in the two-team wild card era, leaving Kim shaken by the incident.

“Something like today should never happen,’’ Kim said, through his interpreter, Danny Lee. “This was the first time it happened, and hopefully the last time. He was surprised, and kind of shocked that happened.’’

The Blue Jays had an ugly incident in last year’s postseason, too. Fans threw bottles onto the field in Game 5 of the Division Series against Texas, causing an interruption of play, before order was restored.

This, at least, was just one stupid act.

“There’s no place in baseball for that,’’ said Blue Jays manager John Gibbons, who will go on to play the Texas Rangers in the AL Division Series. “Guys are out there competing, and that happens. That’s unbelievable.

“It really hurts the reputation of all of our fans. Hopefully, we have no problems in the next series. Enough already. Let us handle things on the field.’’