NEW YORK - One father and son from The Woodlands happened to be on college visits in New York so they decided to head out to the Bronx to catch game three of the American League Championship Series.

"National media not giving us a lot of respect," said Mike Teall, who visited NYU and Columbia with his son Jake. "They're like, 'Yeah who are these Houston guys' so we're here to show them what we're all about."

Jake said even though he loves New York, he wouldn't starting rooting for the Yankees if he decides to come to college here.

"No way," Jake said. "Got to stay with the Astros."

The Tealls sported some orange but no visible Astros gear. Some fans tell KHOU 11 News they were too scared of the hostile Bronx environment to wear team colors. Others did wear jerseys and hats, braving the Bronx jeers and chillier temperatures to root on their Astros to the next round.

"It's a chance for us to show the nation who we are," Mike Teall said. "I'm looking forward to a lot more championships on our roster."

The Tealls, oddly enough, have a college visit planned for Los Angeles next week, which would be perfect timing if the Astros and Dodgers can hang out to advance to the World Series.