HOUSTON - You’ve got the official Astros team store, the licensed gear sold at Academy and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and then there’s the pop-up shop at the corner of St Emanuel and McKinney.

The shop sells cheaper, unofficial Astros gear to fans in town for the World Series.

“What you’re going to get is a ‘grey area.’ A shirt, one of our own designs, our own prints. But you’re going to get it in the same quality as you would with the MLB shirts,” said Derek Allen who came in to Houston from Tampa, Florida just to sell Astros fan shirts. “Same Astros, without the ‘Astros.’"

“Homeland security comes and they verify our licensing and they check, when they pick it up it will have a sticker on it. It will say 'World Series' and it will have the date,” said Allen.

He says while he does turn around and sell licensed merchandise, a bulk of his business is based on unique designs.