HOUSTON - Who will wait overnight outside a store, deal with the rain and long lines? An Astros fan.

Forget Black Friday, it's all about Orange Sunday as stores like Academy, Dick's Sporting Goods and the Houston Astros team store extended their hours to accommodate fans just hours after the Astros advanced to the World Series.

"Memories. It says right here American League Championship 2017. That’s the difference between any t-shirt. This will always be a reminder that we made it in 2017," said Christian Cruz who wore a 2005 Astros World Series jersey to buy 2017 swag.

"I'm here buying my fiancé an Astros shirt! And he’s at home, not feeling well. But we’re hopeful," said Kitsye Grant, another fan.

She said her fiancé Patrick is battling multiple cancers. "He’s a die-hard Astros fan. Yes. It will lift his spirits and that’s what we’re looking forward to."

Faith, hope and love for the Astros fueled the Sunday rush that only a World Series could spark.