RICHMOND, Texas - During October, most orange decorations scream "Halloween." But for Sean Foley of Richmond, Texas, his orange decorations means he screams for the Astros.

Over the past week or so, he's spent his time crafting giant Astros yard signs out of old wooden fences. They now pepper his front lawn.

"Me and my daughter would hang out in the garage hanging out painting and playing listening to the 'Stros," Foley said.

"I started with one Colt 45 sign, and my wife came out and was like, 'Who are the Colt 45s?', and I said, 'Those are the Astros, and we're killing it this year!'"

For Foley, this is what he calls a "garage hobby." It's a hobby that has covered his home, from a giant, autographed, James Harden piece to an impressive backyard fence where he used a power pressure washer to create shapes out of caked-on algae.

"We like to decorate and show our spirit here," Foley said. "So I knew the neighbors would really enjoy it."

"We're all Astros fans, Texans fans," said neighbor Wayne Watts. "And it's just great!"

"Oh, everybody talks about it," said Ron Tyree, Foley's father.

But there's a bigger story behind Foley's latest Astros project.

"This was all trash," Foley said. "This was all just fence wood that fell over during the storm."

Several surrounding communities flooded during Harvey. Even Foley's neighborhood was evacuated. After the storm, Foley asked if anyone was trashing their flooded fences, so he picked them up then did them up, reclaiming Harvey's trash, crafting art that brings joy to his neighbors and maybe even a little luck to the Astros.

"Yeah, I hope so," Foley joked. "We will see. They've brought them a lot of luck so far!"