HOUSTON - Whenever a city wins a World Series title, they are proud to have that bragging right; however, for Houstonians there’s more to it than that.

It’s about going from something awful to amazing in a short period of time.

Joe Eaton Jr. is one of hundreds of thousands still celebrating the Astros big win.

“It was just like, amazing,” Eaton said. “It was just like…this is meant to be. This is like a story…this is like a fairytale!”

Eaton is also one of so many, still wrapping his head around loss due to Hurricane Harvey.

“I was just locked. I was scared.” he said.

On August 29, 2017 Eaton woke up to find water pouring into his home. The floodwaters quickly rose several feet, destroying everything he owned.

“It's all gone. I lost everything. Everything I've built up for, everything I ever wanted, everything I worked hard for…all gone in one swoop.” he said.

Eaton is still displaced, still going through the tedious task of rebuilding normalcy which is why the moment that the Astros clinched the World Series meant so much to him and this city.

“We are all champions now we are rooting for one thing.” he said.

Bill Prasad, a licensed professional councilor, explained that there really is more to the psychology of Houston needing this victory.

“These players gave us a very special gift,” said Prasad, “and that is a gift of personal joy.”

“We were all submerged in tragedy due to the flooding then we were all together again in the fight for the World Series. The World Series championship cannot be taken away by a storm.” he said.

Prasad also says a winning team has a lot to do with a fan’s identity, just like where someone is from or their personal sense of style; so when someone loses those things they may feel like they’ve lost their identity. Which makes a big win from their team feel like a big personal win for them.

“That's what Houston Strong is,” Eaton explained. “We can all come together and strive to be the best, through all this adversity…just like the Astros did.”