HOUSTON - From ball caps and t-shirts to jerseys, there are lots of ways to shine during Orange October, but some Astros’ fans, like Keir Forest, have their hometown love at their fingertips

Keir walked into Akyish asking for “something Astros”. Keir says, “We googled. We collaborated. It was really cool!”

She chose a picture of the Astros mascot, Orbit and he is now on her left pinky. Keir is a real hometown sports team fan, calling the World Series ‘a nail biter’.

She gets her nails done every two weeks and has done Texans and Rockets themed nails as well.

Keir says, “People try to do it in a more refined way, where they can wear it to work, wear it to school, may be, not be so loud with it.”

The hand-painted designer nails range from $13 to $90 depending on what you want. Some are pretty elaborate.

Some prefer preprinted decals which you can apply at home, but that’s not Yoshi Edward’s style. She hand draws everything.

Yoshi says she has lots of people asking for Astros-themed designs and has plenty of samples of her work.

Using just a cellphone picture, she is done in about 20 minutes. Yoshi creates nails that would do any fan proud.