HOUSTON - A horse with the Houston Police Department is getting more attention than usual as the World Series continues in Houston.

The horse's name: Astro.

His partner, Mounted Patrol Officer Tyson Hufstedler, says the 10-year-old horse was sponsored by the Houston Astros, so how could they name him anything else?

And even though he was off the clock, Astro didn't miss the thrilling Game 2 of the series. The department tweeted a photo of the horse with carrots saying he was hosting a watch party.

"The barn employees had fun with that." said Officer Hufstedler.

But on Friday, the officer said Astro has to work 10 to 12 hour shifts, he needs to be visible when crowds come into Minute Maid, and will get breaks for hay, oats, and water once the game starts.

"This is an advantage riding on top of a horse. We see things a lot more than other people can see, so we're just watching people's behavior, we're also checking vehicles, looking in vehicles for anything suspicious." said Officer Hufstedler.

And once the game ends he will be back out to keep a watchful eye over fans and keep any horsing around to a minimum.