People are packing stores in search of Astros gear. Some of the most popular shirts and jerseys are for players Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa.

Right now, Houston’s Latino community couldn’t be more proud.

“Altuve. Definitely Altuve,” Charles Rodriguez said. “I mean, that’s everybody’s favorite, I think, right now.”

Rodriguez, a native Houstonian, says the Latino presence on this year’s Houston Astros team puts the community in a positive light.

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing! And not just for the Latinos. I think we just really needed this after Harvey with everything so devastating. And also being that Correa is Puerto Rican, you know, it gives the Puerto Rican people something to look forward to,” Rodriguez said.

Friday night’s game against the New York Yankees is bringing families together while uniting the City of Houston.

“I mean, it’s a good time to get together with the family, maybe make a barbecue and watch the game together, you know,” Rodriguez said.

Matias Romero still has a Sports Illustrated cover hanging inside his south Houston office. Romero manufactures custom athletic gear and bags for several MLB teams, including the Astros.

“I think it’s great that they’re showing Latino players can be positive role models,” said Romero, who is a third-generation American. His family migrated from Mexico dozens of decades ago.

He says having Altuve and Correa on the team “helps the community as a whole to be able to look up to these guys and see that they’re doing well and they take care of their people.”