HOUSTON - There’s plenty of World Series merchandise out there. You’ve probably paid a lot for some of it; but will it ever have anything more than sentimental value?

“We’ve got a program and lots of t-shirts and jerseys,” said Astros fan Tiffany Salinas. She and her husband, Rudy, drove to Houston from Harlingen for Game 3. “We paid $2,000 for two tickets,” said Salinas.

Unfortunately, their tickets were printed from an online broker. They will never be as collectible as the real thing.

“It has a sentimental value to me,” said Salinas.

“You know, if you’re an Astros fan, it’s priceless,” said Greg Sohlden of Odyssey Comics & Cards.

Sohlden buys and sells all kinds of sports-related merchandise.

He bought a commemorative bat from the 2005 World Series just this week.

“They make a limited amount of editions and they sell them,” said Sohlden. He paid $400 for it and a few related items. Programs and other items from this series will be worth something.

Items directly tied to the game, like official baseballs, will be the most prized.

“And especially some of them that were homerun balls,” said Sohlden.

He said most fans will cherish items that may never be worth much to collectors.