HOUSTON – Astros fans are turning to more than swag to show their spirit.

They’re taking their support for the team to new levels. Some are even getting tattoos.

“It’s a little bit uncomfortable, but it doesn’t actually hurt,” said fan Brian Humphrey.

We watched him get an Astros-inspired tattoo at Imperial Tattoo Company in Sugar Land.

“I mean, you’ve got an opportunity, take it,” said Humphrey. “You know, it’s just what life’s about.”

He wanted to express his devotion to this year’s World Series caliber squad.

“It’s kind of just like to express my interests and, you know, kind of who I am,” said Humphrey.

Brian’s bicep will display a custom-drawn “Houston Astros” tattoo.

But the shop has a host of different designs for fans to show their support in ink.

One of the artists recently added a tattoo to her own forearm. It features an Astros cap and a yellow rose of Texas.

“People want like Texans logos and Rockets tattoos,” said tattoo artist Christian Medina. “But, recently, with the Astros games and all, a lot of Astros requests have been coming in.”

Astros players, including Jose Altuve, have also inspired haircuts.

Julie Schwartz, of Boston, shared photos of her 7-year-old son named Thatcher.

He’s a die-hard Houston fan in a mostly Red Sox family thanks to an autograph he got from Altuve last month at Fenway Park.

Several barber shops across Houston have also done haircuts that either look like the ones of Astros players or logos shaven into their hair.