HOUSTON – Screaming Astros fans celebrated their team’s second straight American League Championship Series victory outside Minute Maid Park Saturday.

Several called their seats at the game a gift.

“My brother had a baseball game (Saturday morning) and right when (my dad) got back, he was like 'we’re going to the Astros game,'” said Dominic Chivleatto of Katy. “I’m like 'oh really?!' Then I jumped with excitement.”

Another fan, JJ Roosevelt, an electrician from Lake Jackson, usually works seven days a week; but he treated himself and a date to the game Saturday afternoon.

“Dude, getting the tickets was the hard part,” he said. “I had to search StubHub and two different ticket brokers.”

Few felt more emotion than Delores Poll who came to the game wearing blue hair, Texas-shaped earrings, Nolan Ryan socks, Astros-themed sneakers and face paint.

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“I cry every time,” she said. “I don’t want to shed tears but it’s awesome.”

As Poll and niece Sarah Olivarez rode home Friday evening, Poll’s husband shocked them.

“He (said) you want to go to the game tomorrow?” she recalled. “I said no. It’s too much money. He said well too late. You’re going. He said it’s in the bud section. I said oh yes. We’re going.”

He gave them a handmade sign to wave that said “Houston Strong.”

The experience and win by the Astros thrilled fans like Poll and Olivarez. However, the thought behind the gift they received gave them extra reason to smile.