Watching the Astros victory parade meant so much to so many, but to one family who helped shelter a house full of people during Harvey, it was the moment they needed.

Sometimes there's no better seat, than on the shoulders of your dad. For 5th grader Joyce Grammer, it's exactly where she wanted to be when the Astros paraded through downtown Houston.

"It was really nice for my dad to take the time to take me here and to be able to come and watch and see them," she said.

It was extra special for this family, because her dad grew up a fan and even remembers going to games in the Astrodome.

"As a kid growing up, the first team I played for was the Astros," said Steven Grammer, Joyce's father.

It also means more after Hurricane Harvey, because this family of four had nine extra people living in their house after the storm.

"It was definitely scary, definitely for a lot of our friends and family didn't fare so well," said Steven Grammer. "We were able to shelter people and help people"

Now, it's the Astros helping them and inspiring the next generation of fans with life lessons from a wild World Series.

"Even if you didn't do your best your first game, that should motivate you to do better and better the more you play," said Joyce.

Lifting the spirits of a city and reminding us what #HoustonStrong can do again.

"Hopefully the Rockets are next, hopefully the Rockets are next," said Steven.